Entertainment Publishing in an Internet Society

You could have the best song or biggest story in the music kingdom, but these days it’ll never get heard if your fans can’t find it on the web. That’s where we come in. Bump Interactive is a team of highly experienced web journalists, musicians, fans, and developers who help bring the offline world into the online market. We use a combination of events and promotions to help draw music fans from all over the country into our online space and show them the power of the internet when it comes to keeping up on their favorite artists. We cover everything from online magazines to event promotion and ticket sales. Live reviews and album reviews. Artist promotion and development.

What We've Been Up To:


CountryMusicNewsBlog.com is more than "just" a blog. It's a way of life. Our staff journalists eat, breath, and bleed country music every single day. We don't cater to artists that ...


CountryMusicOnTour.com brings country music fans the most up-to-date country concert information on the web. Because we focus only on country music, we can provide fans with multiple ticket sources, special ...


PureRockNews.com is simply that: PURE. Rock. News. No frills. No gossip. No flashy trashy celeb cover stories to draw in the faint of heart. Just the down and dirty on ...


Rock-Concerts.net is a partner site for PureRockNews.com, offering the most up-to-date concert and tour announcements and ticketing options across the United States. Rock-Concerts.net offers fans a full concert shopping experience ...

Artist Development

Bump Interactive has, from time to time, strongly supported individual artists and bands via our SlamBang Record label. We select projects that we feel exemplify the qualities of hard-working, all-original ...

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What is Bump Interactive?

Bump Interactive is an internet marketing firm based out of Northeastern Oklahoma and comprised of a diverse collection of web developers, writers, graphic designers, and social media veterans who also thrive in the world of music.

What do we do?

We design, publish and promote industry-leading entertainment websites centered around live music. We also consult and speak at public events about our journey from web lackey to independent success.

Who's on board?

While our team can grow or shrink based on the demands of the industry, there are two core leaders that never change.

Meet "WhiskeyChick".

Meet "Ump".

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