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Creative and engaging copy is the best marketing tool in any web traffic generating arsenal. To compete in both search engine rankings and visitor retention your website content must go above and beyond the keyword saturated din and somehow hook your audience into reading what you have to say! Properly written and optimized web content should entice readers to explore your website and join in on the conversation by subscribing, backlinking, commenting, or even purchasing products. This high quality content greatly increases the effectiveness of any internet marketing campaign.

Shauna Castorena has been writing content for the web for over 10 years covering a range of topics from social commentary and parenting tips to social media best practices and software technical documentation. Her ability to write naturally flowing content that is keyword-rich without the “commercial” sound has certainly led her to search engine success.

Blogging IS my business essentially. As a content developer for a large portfolio of media blogs, my primary bUmp blog is a place for me to share my experiences, give advice, and solicit input from what I’d like to consider my co-workers… other full-time writers like myself. It’s also a place to organize all of my web projects and put them on display in the form of case studies covering different blogging techniques, optimization efforts and monetization tactics. I treat each media blog like a science project and my bUmp blog is much like my lab journal.” -Shauna

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