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Portfolio: Innofreshâ„¢ Activated Carbon Odor Absorbers

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 |

Site: Innofresh Products, Inc.

Objective: Innofresh Products, Inc. has managed the sales of their activated carbon odor absorbing products for over 10 years through catalog and mail orders as well as limited retail placement. This year they decided to branch out and make their air freshener and odor absorber products available online and reduce overhead marketing costs. While they had an existing web presence, it was minimal at best and did not accurately represent their current line of products. The objective of this project was to provide the owners of Innofresh Products, Inc. with a thorough, highly optimized website and eCommerce solution that will gain rankings and traffic through organic SEO methods.

Monetization: Innofresh Products, Inc. has joined the eCommerce realm using GoDaddy’s Quick Shopping Cart. Overall the cart was easy to configure and took only a few trial and errors to have the functionality dialed in. The greatest challenge came in attempting to match the look and feel of the main site to that of the shopping cart. QSC provides a handful of different pre-set templates and color schemes, but allows for minimal customization for the novice user. Some advanced CSS knowledge is required for a truly customized eCommerce site. On the plus side, QSC does provide plenty of areas where the store can be optimized through content and tags, and promoted through the easy integration of sitemaps and product feeds.

Going Gadget Crazy

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008 |

igooglebUmp Interactive dives head-first into the iGoogle Gadget market!

Here at bUmp we thoroughly enjoy the unique opportunity to explore and experiment with as many forms of web media distribution as our little hands can find. Lately we’ve been trying our hand at building iGoogle Gadgets with some surprising results. Overall we’ve found that building a gadget by altering one of the existing samples is fairly easy, where building from scratch seems to require a much deeper development skillset than most general users currently have. The following are a few gadgets we’ve churned out in the last couple weeks that have proven their worth for small site promotion.

Country Music News Feed
With the amount of country music based sites in our portfolio, it was only logic that my Google gadget self-education should begin by finding a way to organize, cross-promote, and distribute content from those sites first. (more…)

Project Wonderful Online Advertising Broker

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008 |

bUmp Interactive Reviews Project WonderfulbUmp Interactive - Project Wonderful

Besides sharing interesting content, the goal of many web-bloggers and journalists is to earn anywhere from a few dollars to a full-time income using various means of affiliate advertising. Today we look at the online advertising broker, Project Wonderful.

Project Wonderful so far seems to be an excellent place to purchase ad space to promote your own blogs and websites. Bidding for an ad block begins at a penny per day, and some publishers even allow free ads to display until paid ads outbid them. In addition, you can create advertising campaigns that take a lot of the manual work out of it for you. For a marketing tool it seems you can get a lot of ad impressions over a wide range of blogs and websites for very little money. (more…)

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Bump Interactive is an internet marketing firm based out of Northeastern Oklahoma and comprised of a diverse collection of web developers, writers, graphic designers, and social media veterans who also thrive in the world of music.

What do we do?

We design, publish and promote industry-leading entertainment websites centered around live music. We also consult and speak at public events about our journey from web lackey to independent success.

Who's on board?

While our team can grow or shrink based on the demands of the industry, there are two core leaders that never change.

Meet "WhiskeyChick".

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