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Online Country Music Community Turns Heads and Raises Awareness

Monday, December 15th, 2008 |

For Immediate Release:

DH Country Music has entered the next stage of its’ own evolution by creating a user-based country music community for both artists and fans. In contrast to many other country music sites, DH allows users to submit and vote for their favorite up and coming artists long before the artist joins a major record label or get featured on a major network or radio conglomerate. And unlike other social networking sites, DH focuses on just country music! No rap, hip-hop, dance or mariachi music to muddle through to get to your home-grown favorites! This means that independent artists can gain greater exposure, reviews and press to help promote themselves, and fans can build a direct connection to those artists!

The DH Country Music Family is, and always will be free to join. Members can upload their own music, videos, pictures, blogs and country music concert tour information. And to celebrate their new community the first 500 members to join will be entered into a raffle for special prizes including new cd’s, apparel, and many other exciting gifts! Once you’ve joined, be sure to invite your friends or visit the badges page to help spread the word! DH encourages all new members to explore the site and use these tools to help bring your favorite artists to light for the rest of the country music community!

DH Country Music began as a simple user forum called Drunken Hillbilly, a leading resource for underground country music. It has since grown into a network of country music sites offering the latest in country music news, country music concerts and country music community services.

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bUmp Interactive - Internet Marketing

Portfolio: Country Music On Tour

Thursday, February 21st, 2008 |

Country Music On Tour

Site: Country Music On Tour

Description: CMOT is committed to bringing you the hottest country music stars when they come to your town. At Country Music On Tour, you can find concert tour tickets and information from some of your favorite artists like Trisha Yearwood, Brad Paisley, George Strait, Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson and much much more!

Objective: CMOT is an education in several aspects of web marketing. All textual content and alt tags are optimized to a minimum keyword density to monitor how search engines are weighing this attribute. The site is optimized for off-the-beaten-path key phrases but seems to do well in more obvious search terms due to the nature of the content. And finally, the site is a test of the profitability behind building an entire website around a single affiliate program.

Monetization: Ticketmaster Affiliate Program (managed by )

Portfolio: DrunkenHillbilly - Underground Country Music

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007 |

Drunken Hillbilly - Underground Country Music

Site: Drunken Hillbilly - Underground Country Music

Description: DrunkenHillbilly is the web’s home for underground unsigned and independent country music. DH provides artist interviews, music reviews, and networking tools for tomorrow’s stars.

Objective: DH was created at first as a simply a hobby / special interest site by the founders of bUmp Interactive. With all of us being deeply involved in the independent music scene, it only made sense that our first foray into the web-world would be in promotion of that scene. Now in it’s 3rd reincarnation of the site, DH has taken us through the inner workings of everything from your basic hand-coded HTML, to DotNetNuke, and now on to a complimentary blend of CSS, PHP, and wordpress at it’s finest. Unfortunately as a labor of love with a very limited amount of internet interest, DH remains nothing more than a hobby.

Monetization: Google AdSense and Commission Junction

Portfolio: Country Music News Blog

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007 |

Country Music News Blog

Site: Country Music News Blog

Description: CMNB feeds you the latest in hot country news from all around the web. From Trace Adkins to Leanne Rimes and everyone in between. Nashville’s hottest stars!

Objective: CMNB was created to demonstrate the ability to dominate search engine results without a heavy use of repetitive keywords which often drive away readers. By focusing on a particular interest group, in this case country music fans, we are able to naturally and even conversationally stay within a predetermined grouping of key terms and phrases without commercializing the content. As a result we have seen a higher rate of loyal readers, and a steady stream of feedback through reader comments. We have also seen a rapid rise of pagerank based primarily on content alone (without the assistance of linkbaiting or high-ranked backlinks).

Monetization: Google AdSense - Due to the familial-style grouping of relevant keywords and phrases, AdSense has proved extremely successful (based on average clickthrough rate compared to other sites in the bUmp portfolio) for this particular site . The ads are well-aligned to our target readers, and there seems to be a large variety of advertisers to match this market.

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