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TunerU Begins Development on Automotive Community Site

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 |

For Immediate Release:

Development begins today on TunerU, a community-driven automotive social network designed to bring together all of the great online resources car lovers use into one comprehensive site. At TunerU each member is an expert in the area of their own vehicle, whether that is a motorcycle, muscle car, euro racer, or even a big rig. Members can share their how-to videos, show off their rides, and connect on the forums. Members are encouraged to make their own videos and use TunerU’s many community features to share their enthusiasm about their own vehicles.

Future plans for TunerU include creating an online television network as well as building strategic partnerships with mechanic schools and automotive workshops. The team at TunerU will also work with preferred vendors to bring their members special pricing on parts, events, advertising, and even new automobiles!

TunerU is being developed by bUmp Interactive in partnership with WebOganic. This is the second partnership of this team, who originally got together to build organic lead generation sites for mechanic schools. Both teams have a background in automotive event promotion, and an avid interest in cars and felt that the world of online resources for car lovers was too scattered and confusing. Their vision is to create a one-stop community where members can learn, meet, and build their own network of like-minded car lovers. They want members to get the latest automotive news, show off their latest car mod, find discount auto parts, and schedule their next car show all in one place!

bUmp News Contact:

bUmp Interactive - Internet Marketing

Online Country Music Community Turns Heads and Raises Awareness

Monday, December 15th, 2008 |

For Immediate Release:

DH Country Music has entered the next stage of its’ own evolution by creating a user-based country music community for both artists and fans. In contrast to many other country music sites, DH allows users to submit and vote for their favorite up and coming artists long before the artist joins a major record label or get featured on a major network or radio conglomerate. And unlike other social networking sites, DH focuses on just country music! No rap, hip-hop, dance or mariachi music to muddle through to get to your home-grown favorites! This means that independent artists can gain greater exposure, reviews and press to help promote themselves, and fans can build a direct connection to those artists!

The DH Country Music Family is, and always will be free to join. Members can upload their own music, videos, pictures, blogs and country music concert tour information. And to celebrate their new community the first 500 members to join will be entered into a raffle for special prizes including new cd’s, apparel, and many other exciting gifts! Once you’ve joined, be sure to invite your friends or visit the badges page to help spread the word! DH encourages all new members to explore the site and use these tools to help bring your favorite artists to light for the rest of the country music community!

DH Country Music began as a simple user forum called Drunken Hillbilly, a leading resource for underground country music. It has since grown into a network of country music sites offering the latest in country music news, country music concerts and country music community services.

bUmp News Contact:

bUmp Interactive - Internet Marketing

Portfolio: Innofreshâ„¢ Activated Carbon Odor Absorbers

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 |

Site: Innofresh Products, Inc.

Objective: Innofresh Products, Inc. has managed the sales of their activated carbon odor absorbing products for over 10 years through catalog and mail orders as well as limited retail placement. This year they decided to branch out and make their air freshener and odor absorber products available online and reduce overhead marketing costs. While they had an existing web presence, it was minimal at best and did not accurately represent their current line of products. The objective of this project was to provide the owners of Innofresh Products, Inc. with a thorough, highly optimized website and eCommerce solution that will gain rankings and traffic through organic SEO methods.

Monetization: Innofresh Products, Inc. has joined the eCommerce realm using GoDaddy’s Quick Shopping Cart. Overall the cart was easy to configure and took only a few trial and errors to have the functionality dialed in. The greatest challenge came in attempting to match the look and feel of the main site to that of the shopping cart. QSC provides a handful of different pre-set templates and color schemes, but allows for minimal customization for the novice user. Some advanced CSS knowledge is required for a truly customized eCommerce site. On the plus side, QSC does provide plenty of areas where the store can be optimized through content and tags, and promoted through the easy integration of sitemaps and product feeds.

Going Gadget Crazy

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008 |

igooglebUmp Interactive dives head-first into the iGoogle Gadget market!

Here at bUmp we thoroughly enjoy the unique opportunity to explore and experiment with as many forms of web media distribution as our little hands can find. Lately we’ve been trying our hand at building iGoogle Gadgets with some surprising results. Overall we’ve found that building a gadget by altering one of the existing samples is fairly easy, where building from scratch seems to require a much deeper development skillset than most general users currently have. The following are a few gadgets we’ve churned out in the last couple weeks that have proven their worth for small site promotion.

Country Music News Feed
With the amount of country music based sites in our portfolio, it was only logic that my Google gadget self-education should begin by finding a way to organize, cross-promote, and distribute content from those sites first. (more…)

Portfolio: Country Music On Tour

Thursday, February 21st, 2008 |

Country Music On Tour

Site: Country Music On Tour

Description: CMOT is committed to bringing you the hottest country music stars when they come to your town. At Country Music On Tour, you can find concert tour tickets and information from some of your favorite artists like Trisha Yearwood, Brad Paisley, George Strait, Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson and much much more!

Objective: CMOT is an education in several aspects of web marketing. All textual content and alt tags are optimized to a minimum keyword density to monitor how search engines are weighing this attribute. The site is optimized for off-the-beaten-path key phrases but seems to do well in more obvious search terms due to the nature of the content. And finally, the site is a test of the profitability behind building an entire website around a single affiliate program.

Monetization: Ticketmaster Affiliate Program (managed by )

Portfolio: Random Review Crew

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007 |

Random Review Crew

Site: Random Review Crew

Description: RRC is a place where everything has the chance to suck! Our staff provides real reviews from real people on products, services, gadgets and games we try. Some are good, some are bad and some are just the opinions the authors felt like sharing that day.

Objective: RRC is affectionately thought of as our “testing bay” as it provides us a platform to try out various content optimization techniques as well as the power of social networking to generate traffic. Because each article is only optimized for the product/service/talent that is under review we are able to take different approaches to the way content is written and tags are used, then each one is monitored individually for its ability to draw traffic into the site. Many times we will post a test article on this site, reviewing a client or service we are considering taking a contract for as a “proving ground” of sorts.

Monetization: Being our testing ground, we constantly change out the advertisements on RRC to evaluate different affiliate marketing programs. We have yet to find one that truly succeeds for this site since the target readers change for each article posted. For an overview of the programs we have tried out so far, please pay a visit to our Monetizating articles.

Portfolio: DrunkenHillbilly - Underground Country Music

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007 |

Drunken Hillbilly - Underground Country Music

Site: Drunken Hillbilly - Underground Country Music

Description: DrunkenHillbilly is the web’s home for underground unsigned and independent country music. DH provides artist interviews, music reviews, and networking tools for tomorrow’s stars.

Objective: DH was created at first as a simply a hobby / special interest site by the founders of bUmp Interactive. With all of us being deeply involved in the independent music scene, it only made sense that our first foray into the web-world would be in promotion of that scene. Now in it’s 3rd reincarnation of the site, DH has taken us through the inner workings of everything from your basic hand-coded HTML, to DotNetNuke, and now on to a complimentary blend of CSS, PHP, and wordpress at it’s finest. Unfortunately as a labor of love with a very limited amount of internet interest, DH remains nothing more than a hobby.

Monetization: Google AdSense and Commission Junction

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