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Adding rel=”nofollow” to your blogroll links in Wordpress

Monday, April 6th, 2009 |

How to simplify nofollow links in Wordpress

Annoyed that you cannot add rel=”nofollow” to your Wordpress blogroll links? Are you leaking link juice like crazy and want to do something about it? This fix will add a “nofollow” checkbox under the “Advanced Options > Link Relationship (XFN)” section when adding a link.

This fix was applied in Wordpress version 2.7x, however I do not currently have a fix for older versions. I’ll post new ones if there are any changes. To start, look for the edit-link-form.php file in your Wordpress wp-admin folder:

At around line 254 look for this:

–Code Removed–

and right after paste this:

–Code Removed–

Update the file and you’re done!
Your “add link” page should now look like the image below.

UPDATE: After a little digging i found this Wordpress Plugin that does the trick. No need to edit core files unless we REALLY have to.


nofollow in wordpress blogroll

Authority Labs Offers Simple SERP Tracking

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008 |

Simple search engine performance tracking has long been a dream for many SEO and web development professionals… but not anymore!

Authority Labs has has teamed with the great guys over at Gangplank to create a comprehensive but simple search engine monitoring and reporting tool that can save us all from our cumbersome spreadsheets, scattered whiteboards, and chaotic charts! While the goal of many SEO’s is to dominate the search engines for their targeted keywords, it’s often difficult to measure success without constantly tracking the slightest changes in search engine performance. This can be time consuming, frustrating, and riddled with human errors. That’s why Authority Lab’s web-based interface now does this for you!

Search Engine Monitoring Tool

Authority Labs allows you to monitor multiple websites (including the competition) for search engine placement results on thousands of possible targeted keyterms so you always know where your site stands. The easy-to-use interface gives you a great site summary that indicates general performance, and then expands on each site for a detailed day-by-day chart of SERP fluxuations for each of the major search engines. You can be aware of any rises and falls in placement within 24 hours as their system queries the search engines for you. This can be a life-saver for any professional SEO because it provides a concrete measurement of the ROI from search engine marketing efforts. They are currently offering basic monitoring service, but have expanded features such as email notifications, advanced keyword grouping, safe client access, and more so you definitely want to keep an eye on this great SEO resource!

Too many people try to be too many things these days. We just want to do one thing really, really, really well … monitor rankings. - Authority Labs

What is Bump Interactive?

Bump Interactive is an internet marketing firm based out of Northeastern Oklahoma and comprised of a diverse collection of web developers, writers, graphic designers, and social media veterans who also thrive in the world of music.

What do we do?

We design, publish and promote industry-leading entertainment websites centered around live music. We also consult and speak at public events about our journey from web lackey to independent success.

Who's on board?

While our team can grow or shrink based on the demands of the industry, there are two core leaders that never change.

Meet "WhiskeyChick".

Meet "Ump".

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