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Entertainment Publishing in an Internet Society

You could have the best song or biggest story in the music kingdom, but these days it’ll never get heard if your fans can’t find it on the web. That’s where we come in. Bump Interactive is a team of highly experienced web journalists, musicians, fans, and developers who help bring the offline world into […]

Artist Development

Bump Interactive has, from time to time, strongly supported individual artists and bands via our SlamBang Record label. We select projects that we feel exemplify the qualities of hard-working, all-original musicians that serve a specific under-supplied niche in modern music. While we are not actively seeking new artists for our roster, we still entertain and […]

Authority Labs Offers Simple SERP Tracking

Simple search engine performance tracking has long been a dream for many SEO and web development professionals… but not anymore! Authority Labs has has teamed with the great guys over at Gangplank to create a comprehensive but simple search engine monitoring and reporting tool that can save us all from our cumbersome spreadsheets, scattered whiteboards, […]

Oklahoma Internet Marketing – How Can We Help You?

Let us put our internet marketing skills to work for you. With a wide array of web marketing talent and services available, bUmp Interactive is just the solution you were looking for! With a marked emphasis on organic search engine marketing, our goal is to reduce ad spending and increase natural search traffic. We specialize […]