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Besides sharing interesting content, the goal of many web-bloggers and journalists is to earn anywhere from a few dollars to a full-time income using various means of affiliate advertising. Today we look at the online advertising broker, Project Wonderful.

Project Wonderful so far seems to be an excellent place to purchase ad space to promote your own blogs and websites. Bidding for an ad block begins at a penny per day, and some publishers even allow free ads to display until paid ads outbid them. In addition, you can create advertising campaigns that take a lot of the manual work out of it for you. For a marketing tool it seems you can get a lot of ad impressions over a wide range of blogs and websites for very little money.

However, from a publisher’s perspective Project Wonderful doesn’t seem mature enough to provide a good stream of revenue to publishers. At this point it seems like the only people purchasing ad space are the very same people selling it. The transactions so far have all been pennies and nickels, and the advertisers are all smaller blogs with even smaller advertising budgets.

It seems that the Project Wonderful creators put a lot of time and effort into building a very solid infinite bidding system and traffic reporting capabilities into their program. The reports are extremely detailed. The overall user functionality of the site is easy and comprehensive. For those who choose to try it out, I would recommend starting with fewer ad blocks per site, and set a minimum bid amount greater than $0.00 just to ensure you are earning a few pennies on your space. Use those funds to invest in placing ads of your own, and increase your traffic to the point that your site will be attractive to larger advertisers. I believe that in time higher-dollar advertisers will recognize the value of the program and come on board, but until then the Project Wonderful ad blocks are taking up valuable real estate on my homepage.


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