PodCamp AZ – Defining and Educating Relevant Media

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At the 2008 PodCamp AZ, traditional media participants get invited to join the relevant media conversation!

What is relevant media? That question is asked by or to nearly every person in mainstream media at some point in their career, and for each person asked, the answer is different. In a world where we are barraged with information from every angle, relevant media is simply which information each person finds useful and applies to their everyday life. For a disc jockey of a local radio station, relevant media may be the Billboard magazine they subscribe to or the commentary on a fan club website. For a construction worker in that same town, the DJ himself may be a source of relevant media providing traffic, weather and music to work to on his drive to the construction site each morning while he passes billboards that influence his buying decisions. On the other side of town someone may be at home watching a talk show or reading a paper filled with opinions, recommendations, advertisements and items that person is interested in. These are all examples of relevant media. So the question really should be “What media source is relevant to you?”.

Without a doubt, the internet has provided more sources than ever to pull information from. The internet has raised many questions about whether traditional media sources are indeed still relevant to the public, and how they work in tandem with the mass amount of resources that are available online. At the 2008 PodCamp AZ organizers are excited to provide an open learning environment that can help answer these questions. Speakers from all corners of the web will be sharing a conversation with attendees that cover everything from online television, radio, media buying, marketing, print media, education and more!

For more information I encourage you to register today to attend PodCamp AZ 2008 with me November 1st and 2nd.


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