Tyson Crosbie - Photographer at Large

Written on June 2, 2008 – 4:41 pm | by admin |

Tyson Crosbie - Photographer at LargeTyson Crosbie understands the power of images and puts that power to work in the social networking world.

In a recent blog post, Tyson Crosbie explains a concept that many social media users are just barely catching onto. That concept is the importance of a consistent and compelling avatar as part of controlling your personal brand image. And he should know, since he’s managed to use his social media network to create an amazing buzz about his newly released self-published book of photographic art titled “Phoenix 20“. By becoming active in numerous social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, Tyson has broken down the barrier between artist and fan, provider and consumer, and even taken on additional commercial clients in the process.

More than just a commercial photographer, Tyson Crosbie is an artist and an educator. He uses social media tools to help round up and unify those interested in the local art scene, and encourages participation across interests. He continuously expands his audience by reaching out through online communities which is a far cry from the costly process of gallery exhibits and shopping the art elite. Tyson Crosbie’s website is his gallery and the world is now his audience! Just goes to show what a little social media marketing can do!

For more information visit Tyson Crosbie online.

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  2. By Lisa Weinberger on Jul 24, 2008 | Reply

    I totally agree that Tyson Crosbie not only is a commercial photographer, but is a true artist. Very educated in the world of art and openness to design, Tyson’s work is truly inspiring. Plus he connects with his fans all through online marketing! Great post!
    @PearlyWrites aka Lisa

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